:: Our Client List ::


PT. Gaya Manunggal Kresitama

Gaya Manunggal Kresitama Website and Application
Intranet and Internet Mailing System
Integrated Antivirus system for Intranet
Designing Brochure Catalogue (on going)

PT. Lautan Berlian Utama Motor

Setting up Primary Mail Server with Colocation
Mailing System for Internet and Intranet
Network Operating System including Security and Maintenance
Designing VPN (Virtual Private Network) for each branch

PT. Highpoint Office Furniture

Highpoint Office Website and Application

PT. Badjatama Abadi Lestari

Badjatama Distributor Website and Application
Integrated Internet Mailing System

SouthSea Pearl Jewelry Store

Southsea Pearls Website and Maintenance

Dwie Entertainment Wedding Planner

Dwie Entertainment Website and Application

Super Electric Motor Hongkong Ltd.

Super Eletric Motor Website Maintenance

PT. Majumandiri Utama Group

Home Appliance Division (Lagermania, Frigidaire and Black&Decker) Website and Application
Oil Division - Drilling Machine Website and Application
Sari Munik - Instant Seasoning Website and Application

PT. Elock Indotronik Utama

E-Lock Motor cycle alarm website and application
E-Lock Home Wireless Alarm website and application
Minicon Pre-Amp website and application

PT. Comtech Speaker

Comtech Speaker website and application

PT. Sarimunik Mandiri

Sarimunik Instant Seasosing website and application

M1 Technology

M1 Technology website and application

MONARCH International

MONARCH International website and application

PT. Atarindo Pratama

Atarindo Pratama website and application

KLOTZ Furniture Kemang

KLOTZ Furniture Design website and application

Wedding Site for Ary-Ira.com

Wedding site package website and application

PT. Mermaid Khatulistiwa

Surf Mermaid Sumatra website and application

Omega Pacific Production

Omega Pacific Production website and application

Arpeggio Resources Company

Arpeggio Resources website and application

Myvillas Hotel International

Myvillas Hotel and International website and application