:: Company Overview ::

C-Design Creative was established in 2001 to accommodate the market demands offering a robust set of web application, web development, hardware products, and consulting services for business solution system, project planning and implementation.

We pride ourselves as a knowledge-based team development. We strive to continuously provide our customers with a better value-proposition through leveraging on our knowledge. The strength of the company lies in its people, its creativity, its passion and its continuous pursuit of quality. Our people's expertise comes mainly from the financial services sector.

We combine the power of client-server technology with the inherently high scalability and availability of network architecture in our solutions.
The combination of our expertise and resources with the quality of our alliances, have enhanced the range of service offerings and powerful cutting-edge solutions of our team development (C-Design Creative). Positioning ourselves as a global player, we will aggressively embark on an international expansion trail. We believe our team development is well-positioned to be a leading player in the provision of IT services.

:: Our Vision ::

"Our vision is to assist and to be trust by our customer and our partner in innovating themselves through unleasing the full potential and unlimited opportunities provided by the information technology."

:: Our Mission ::

"We will keep pushing hard to develop the highest quality products and offering unmatched customer care that we've secured and continue to maintain a stronghold in the IT industry."